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I have photographed Hilda before.  She’s a cute little Frenchie who likes to dance with her mom, Melissa.  The question is, what exactly was she dancing to when I photographed her?


No secret there. Here I am testing out the Canon 24-105mm L lens for my upcoming sessions this Sunday at Murphy’s Paw in Pleasanton. This baby is sharp. Love it. Perfect for the doggies (and whatever animals have signed up).

I am in dire need of hugging my Karma girl all day long. She had me at woof. (Where have I heard that before?) :)


A few years ago I photographed a Dalmatian named Baxter and his newborn baby sister M who was born to Baxter’s mom and dad from Willow Glen.  This is one of my favorite photos ever.  Baxter lived almost 15 years and was a special dog to my clients.

Baby M is now 2 and she welcomed a baby brother.  Ellie is their other Dalmatian who was at doggy daycare the day I photographed baby M and Baxter.  Ellie is now 3 and a delightful dog.  She doesn’t have the brown spots that Baxter had, but she can tilt her head at the slightest urging from me.


This is the time of year it gets very busy.  I still photograph families and children as I did in this lovely late afternoon session.  I thought I would show you Kita, so you can see what kind of sweetie he is.

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danville child photographer


Seth has the life.  He gets to live peacefully with 2 cats as well as be a hop, skip and jump away from the water.   Partners Jen and Kathleen adore their sweet boy.  He was a pretty good listener and followed instructions well–you know how I love a well trained dog.

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Kathleen and Jen, you have done a wonderful job with this adorable pup.  He made my job so easy.  It was great!

you had me at woof pet photography by pam biasotti