KARMA_039Hi. My name is Pam. I tell people I am a photographer living in an IT professional’s body. Rewind to 14 years ago. I was pregnant with my second child, furiously studying for my Microsoft Certification (Go NT 4.0!!!) and trying to run with the big dogs in network engineering. I was the only female on a server team of good ‘ol boys. It was an awesome job– except being on call 24/7 which isn’t necessarily the best part while trying to exclusively breastfeed your child.   Anyhow, my passion for being a computer person started to dwindle as my kids were getting older. Ironically, my company thought outsourcing was the way to go and I had my life change overnight. Well, actually I had about 6 months of coming to work and not doing any projects until the magic day I was let go. While my co workers were attending relocation courses and trying to get jobs elsewhere it occurred to me that I just didn’t want to work for anyone but myself. In 2004 Pam Biasotti Photography was officially born and launched. Of course, living in the Bay Area means your mortgage payment is more than some people’s salaries in po-dunk USA, so I worried about letting go of my IT world. The day I was let go from my position, I was hired back to contract for a few years and eventually employed by the outsourcing company that cost me my job in the first place. At least that hushed my husband up and we could afford to feed the kids and support his Oakland A’s addiction.  You Had Me At Woof Photography is just a spin off specialty of Pam Biasotti Photography.  You will find my love for animals has grown into another reason to photograph them.   There has been nothing and I mean nothing that motivates me more than my camera. It’s a way of life and I will love it forever.