A few years ago I photographed a Dalmatian named Baxter and his newborn baby sister M who was born to Baxter’s mom and dad from Willow Glen.  This is one of my favorite photos ever.  Baxter lived almost 15 years and was a special dog to my clients.

Baby M is now 2 and she welcomed a baby brother.  Ellie is their other Dalmatian who was at doggy daycare the day I photographed baby M and Baxter.  Ellie is now 3 and a delightful dog.  She doesn’t have the brown spots that Baxter had, but she can tilt her head at the slightest urging from me.

6 Responses to “Ellie the Dalmatian-Willow Glen Dog and Newborn Photographer”

  1. Paula :

    these are fabulous!! The last one in bnw is perfect. :)

  2. Barbara Hill :

    Hilarious! Such beautiful subjects, cute poses & great capture. Your work is inspiring!

  3. Bev :

    Great, great series Pam. Beautiful family and adorable dog!

  4. Debbie Z Dunne :

    Pam, I loved that first image of Baxter when you showed it to us at the Cowbelly Workshop! You have captured some other great images of Ellie as well! Love them!

  5. Beth :

    Wow- these are AWESOME, Pam!!

  6. waynette :

    this is a fabulous session