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Rufus has been David’s heart dog for 14 years.  He’s beginning to slow down a little but when we took him over to Naglee Park in San Jose, he lit up like a Christmas tree. He has a beautiful white coat and a twinkle in his eye.  Sebastian is the younger, energetic one.  He was just as cuddly with David as his older counterpart.  Can you see how much these boys love their dad?

Someone was in heaven each time he had his face and ears scratched.


The dog on the left is Hogan, age 5.  The dog on the right is Tank, age 3.  Hogan is a Shar Pei/Lab mix and Tank is a Neapolitan Mastiff/Pitbull mix.

According to their mom, Julie, Tank came to them via “our Friends, Mike and Lindsay, at the Pleasanton Farmer’s Market who told us about him.”

Hogan came to them from the SPCA because he needed a home.

Neither are very picky about food.  Tank’s favorite food is his friend Thuy’s homemade dog biscuits and Hogan’s favorite food is anything on the top of the counter.

TURN ONS? Tank: snuggling- anyone who will throw a ball for him.

Hogan: someone who will scratch his back.

TURN OFFS? Both would answer bath time.

If Tank wasn’t a dog his occupation would be a body builder. Hogan would be a therapist.

Julie said that Tank’s most embarassing dog moment is “the fact that he cannot (or will not) jump into my truck”.

She said that Hogan “hid in the garage for hours one night when my dad came in-poor guy was scared”.

Apparently both dogs’ favorite person other than Julie is their dad.  I don’t think she meant bio dads-I think she meant her husband, but she didn’t elaborate.