WHAT IS YOUR AGE? 3 years old

HOW DID YOU FIND YOUR MOM AND DAD? My mom Megan and dad Brendan were looking at puppies.  When Mom saw me she had to have me.  Dad said she couldn’t get a dog and was tricking mom because later that day he bought me and saved me for Mom’s birthday!  When she got home from work I was waiting for her with a big pink bow on my head!

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE FOODS? I will eat anything that hits the floor or that I might get off the counter.  I have been known to get on top of tables.

TURN ONS? My mom answered this instead of me letting you know what *my* turn ons are.  Mom said I am the sweetest dog in the world and a great snuggler.

TURN OFFS? Mom said I have the most annoying howl and love to get into things like trash, purses, backpacks, laundry.  As a puppy I ruined most of her shoes.

IF YOUR WEREN’T A DOG WHAT WOULD YOUR OCCUPATION BE AND WHY? I would be a doctor.  I am called a healing Beagle because I make my parents feel better when they are sick or sad.

WHAT’S YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING DOG MOMENT? I have a tendency to jump on people and when women wear skirts I sometimes jump on them!

BESIDES YOUR PARENTS, WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE HUMAN? I love my parents but my most favorite person would be Melanie from Murphy’s Paw in downtown Pleasanton!  I also love their whole family especially Mel’s son Jackson.  On Saturdays I like to go to Farmers’ Market in downtown Pleasanton and then to Murphy’s Paw pet boutique to see if Jackson is there.

2 Responses to “Dog of the Day-Pleasanton Dog Photographer”

  1. sylvia :

    Awww. that is the cutest. Such a beautiful Beagle. I really wish I lived near you. I would love to commission you to capture my Boston. Beautiful images as always.

  2. Bev :

    Lucy is gorgeous and I’m glad she’s a beagle and not a doctor!