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Cue the Beatles song…

Where did the year go?  My puppy is not a girl, not yet a woman (sorry had to stick that Britney Spears song in there).  One year ago 9 puppies were born to this happy couple who did the nasty secretly when going outside one fall day.


Sunny was in heat and Jester couldn’t resist her charm. During Christmas of 2008 their breeder noticed Sunny putting on the weight.  Ultrasound revealed a paw waving to her.  A couple weeks later Sunny delivered via c-section.  They were so beautiful and wonderful to visit as I had still mourned my heart dog, Riley.

Red collar girl became mine that March.  We named her Karma.  I adore her, naturally.  She just started agility training this week and we are also working on obedience and rally obedience.  She’s a delight to work with.  We have only one problem:

Golden Retriever photographer pam biasotti

Karma is not happy being photographed.  Even when I try to catch a shot with the Iphone, she lowers her eyes as if I am hurting her.  She is worse than my children who refuse to let me photograph them as well.  I am beside myself.  I am a dog photographer who is having trouble connecting photographically with her own dog.

san ramon valley dog photographer pam biasotti

She is one of those types that doesn’t “smile” much but I know she is happy because her tail thumps quite frequently when I speak to her.  She just has that expression that makes you wonder if she is plotting her next bowel movement in the dining room or chewing a new plant or wooden step in the backyard.

golden retriever

I cheated in this photo because I let her eat one of her birthday cookies I had piled up for photos.  I don’t know, you be the judge.  Does she appear to be annoyed with me?

san francisco dog photograher pam biasotti

This one reminds me of Riley.  Same expression–they are related of course.

dog photographer

Once again I cheated with a cookie

dog photographerdog photographer

dog photographer

dog photographer

dog photographer

We had a good day. We went to downtown Pleasanton to stop off at Murphy’s Paw and get some of these silly things she is wearing today.

I love my girl.  She’s the best thing that happened in 2009.

dog photographer

Even if you aren’t willing to pose the way I want, Karma, you are a fine, obedient, outstanding canine.  You do LISTEN and follow through.  You just don’t love the camera.  It loves you though.  Happy First Birthday, baby.

dog photographer