Brother and sister.  4 months old.  Non stop.  I love the challenge of photographing a cat but it certainly is difficult!  Obviously being an on location photographer comes in handy when it comes to photographing the felines.  These, however, were brought to me.

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danville pet photographer

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northern california photographer cat

cat butt california photography

Finally, my favorite shot.  A kitten who has stretched itself to the limit.

great cat photography san francisco bay area

7 Responses to “You Had Me At Meow-Bay Area Kitten Photographer”

  1. Bev :

    Oh what fun. Great shots Pam!!

  2. Jen S :

    These are AMAZING. I wish you could come do a session with my kitties. I LOVE the one with the “shadow” of his brother…and the the last two and all of them! These are all just spectacular.

  3. Jessica D :

    I had the pleasure of hanging out with these two little guys and they are just as adorable as they look. You did an awesome job of capturing their personalities!

  4. Terrilyn :

    How do you DO it?!! Seriously incredible pet portraits my dear. I am in awe!!!

  5. Kristie Chadwick :

    Fierce … nice images!

  6. Barbara B :

    I am so impressed! Cats are a challenge to photograph. Love, love the stretching cat image.

  7. alpana :

    dang, woman! you are so good! Love these pics. I also love the one of the kitty walking away.