Seth has the life.  He gets to live peacefully with 2 cats as well as be a hop, skip and jump away from the water.   Partners Jen and Kathleen adore their sweet boy.  He was a pretty good listener and followed instructions well–you know how I love a well trained dog.

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Kathleen and Jen, you have done a wonderful job with this adorable pup.  He made my job so easy.  It was great!

you had me at woof pet photography by pam biasotti

6 Responses to “Seth the Wonderdog-Pam Biasotti-Dog Photographer-Sausalito”

  1. Bev :

    Oh what a great session Pam! I LOVE the one of Seth looking back at them on the dock. Lovely work!

  2. Sherri W :

    Oh what a beautiful dog and family! What breed or what type of dog is he? I’m very interested. He has a great name. My youngest son is named Seth.

    Beautiful images that MUST have made or will make them SO PROUD!

  3. Terrilyn :

    Beautiful work Pam! You have such a knack for capturing these sweet personalities. I just ADORE that last portrait of all of them!

  4. els :

    What a great location and awesome shots. Really love that last one.

  5. Kristie Chadwick :

    Great session. So much variety.

  6. Barbara B :

    Great series here. Nothing like capturing a dog with their family, something you did so beautifully.