Three white dogs all very different in size and personality.   This is the big guy Murphy

Great Pyrenees taken by Pam Biasotti Danville Dog photographer

This is Betsey.

Pekinese Dog Photographer Pam Biasotti

Last but not least is Lola.

Bay Area Dog Photographer Pam Biasotti

This last shot will hopefully please their mom.  For a fleeting moment Murphy wasn’t looking off at the other dogs in the park.  Betsey decided to give me her full attention and Lola, who can’t see, paid close attention to what I was telling her.

San Francisco Bay Area dog photography by Pam Biasotti

The last first Wednesday of the Pleasanton Downtown Association is happening in September.  I have some photographs that were taken at the Dog Days of Summer August Pooch Parade, but haven’t had the chance to post them.  It’s almost time for school to start and that’s always a beautiful thing.  Also coming up in September will be the annual Bark in the Park in San Jose.  I will have a booth there and am looking forward to meeting the 14,000 plus folks and their dogs.

9 Responses to “Three White Dogs-Danville Dog Photographer Pam Biasotti”

  1. Bev :

    OH my these are awesome.. I LOVE this trio. Great job Pam!

  2. kim :

    Absolutely adorable. The three of them together is priceless.
    And I LOVE Lola:)

  3. Jeanette :

    I just love these especially the last one …Wonderful Job !

  4. Murphy Dog Studios :

    Love, love, love the shot of Lola.

    BTW. The muppets called and said Lola needs to be back in the studio before dark.

  5. johnwaire | photo :

    would love to give murphy a big bear hug :)

  6. Terrilyn :

    Aw, I just want to squeeze them!! Oh so cute!! Gorgeous work Pam!

  7. Sherri W :

    OMG, they are beautiful. That lost shot is amazing and creative and cute. I love the hair. Your clients HAVE to be so pleased with your work! It’s not easy to find a Photographer who specializes in dog photography; I’m glad that you do!

  8. karen :

    Great work. The pictures are fantastic

  9. Joyce Smith :

    I love these! What a treat visiting your blog! : )