This month’s issue of Diablo magazine has a special issue which includes all sorts of things about pets from A to Z.  My photograph of Maybelle the Pug is featured in this issue, along with a capture of Murphy’s Paw Bark and Brew.

Diablo is the magazine of the San Francisco East Bay, so there are many subscribers to this publication and I am honored to have my work be part of this issue.

I just returned from a long weekend trip to the midwest and I am catching up on my emails and phone calls.  Pyrenees Pets photos taken by me at the Summer Doggie Benefit for ARF  will be delivered to the store early next week.  You will hear from me regarding where to pick up your prints.

Ahhhh…feels so good to be out of the humidity and back to the greatest place on earth.  Miz Karma has been under the weather the past few days and I am making sure she gets well quickly.

bay area dog photographer pam biasotti

4 Responses to “Diablo Magazine Pet Issue-editorial photography by Pam Biasotti”

  1. Terrilyn :

    Aw, I hope Karma is feeling better now? She looks positively adorable hanging with Kyle. I can get over how long his hair has gotten!

  2. allie :

    gorgeous, easygoing, relaxed, “real” feel… gorgeous image.

  3. alicia :

    Congrats on Diablo mag!