I  was so excited to connect with Nichole  Smith and her Great Dane, Olivia on Sunday!  Nichole was on her way home to Seattle and we found some time to hang out with our dogs and do some shooting.  Nichole did the design and branding for my new logo.   We agreed to do a photo shoot of our girls at Baker Beach.   Karma came along with me and all was well until she decided it was time to throw up while we were driving on the Bay Bridge.  Not once, but twice.  Let me tell you it wasn’t fun coping with that.  I admit when I finally found Nichole I forgot my troubles and we happily went to Baker Beach to enjoy the beautiful day.   Here’s a sneak peak of some of the moments together Sunday.

great dane photographer pam biasotti

bay area dog photographer pam biasotti

top dog photographer pam biasotti

Baker Beach San Francisco Pam Biasotti Photography

california photographer pam biasotti

california dog photographer pam biasotti

Look at how well Karma connected with Nichole!  I was so proud of both of them.

nichole photographing Karma

san francisco bay area dog photography pam biasotti

top photographer pam biasotti

baker beach photographer pam biasotti

This one of Karma sneaking in cracks me up!  This dog doesn’t want me to photograph her, but when I am photographing another dog she just shows up.  Go figure.

olivia-9174 copy

bay area dog photography pam biasotti

Olivia has David Bowie eyes.  One brown and one blue.  Pretty cool.

bay area photography pam biasotti

bay area dog photography pam biasotti

golden gate photography pam biasotti

golden gate bridge pam biasotti

It was great to see you Nichole!  Until we meet again~

23 Responses to “Meet Great Dane Olivia from Seattle–San Francisco Dog Photographer Pam Biasotti”

  1. Bev :

    Pam, these are wonderful. I love that textured black and white. I also think the one with Karma sneaking in is hysterical. That’s what my Niles does.. Hangs at the periphery for treats or sits WAY behind the spot I’m photographing… Ah, the pet photographer’s dogs…

    Lovely, lovely series.

  2. johnwaire | photo :

    love the shot of olivia from the paw perspective. schweet!

  3. Becky (rksquared) :

    Beautiful pictures, Pam!

  4. Stephanie :

    Pam I love these. The first one, and the one were she is walking along the surf are my faves….Actually I have a top six list but figured it would spare you :) Beautiful

  5. Joy Vertz :

    I love these! I dig the paw one!

  6. Dawn :

    Love these Pam, I LOVE the first one with Olivia and mom, and the one of Olivia on the step, her head in the sky. So beautiful.

  7. Terrilyn :

    Girl, I don’t know how you manage to catch the perfect angle and the perfect doggy moment, but you do and you seem to do it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME your work is just amazing!! Love, love, LOVE the curled up tongue licking the nose shot. Too fun!

  8. Cindy :

    Beauty, and texture, old and new, brilliant lighting, beautiful color. Amazing pet photography. You know how to work it!

  9. Jules :

    I love the one where she is lifting her head up and looking at you, like “what, did you say something about treats??” they are all great 😉 I especially like the one with your little cutie sneaking in – so sweet!

  10. Sherri W :

    Oh my word! These are so beautiful. I Love the second and third shots, the ones them loving each other and just about all of them to be quite honest. They are gorgeous. What a beautiful dog. You are such a great photographer! I adore the detail pictures you take as well!!!

  11. erika :

    Gorgeous great dane AND images! What kind of great dane is she, the coloring? It’s at the tip of my tongue! Bet Nicole is thrilled with this. Nice work Pam!

  12. Ruth Williams :

    AWESOME! Gosh I don’t know how you do it!

  13. Courtney Miller :

    Pam – these are fantastic!! i just love how you capture their personalities! so fun!! olivia and karma are some lucky dogs!

  14. Marci :

    You are a true dog whisperer! These are all incredible! You have a true talent with the puppy set!

  15. Nichole :

    Pam!!! I LOVE these! Wow I am such a slacker I haven’t blogged yet but now I must – thank you for these gorgeous shots of my lady – you have captured her perfectly – I think the last one of her sort of “looking off into the horizon” is the most her but the barking and tongue and me and her are all such awesome moments – you rock my world girlfriend.

    I can’t wait to do a whole ‘nother round of edits and get them up!

    Thank you thank you!

  16. Angie W :

    How incredibly beautiful…thank you for sharing!

  17. toni :

    Do you know where the owners got this awesome dog collar? LOVE your work!

  18. admin :

    Toni, just click on the link in the post to Dane and Dane studios–you can email Nichole and ask. It is a kick arse collar isn’t it?

  19. Kristie Chadwick :

    Great great images. I just love to look at your work.

  20. Barbara B :

    I am in awe! You really captured the spirit of this majestic Dane so perfectly.

  21. alicia :

    I LOVE this dog. Gorgeous photos Pam!!

  22. Teri Mason :

    these are some seriously awesome photos!!!