If you are a local to the Bay Area no matter which part of the bay you reside on, it’s worth the trip to Sunol to train at Happiness Country Kennels. I have been taking my dogs there since 1997. Karma is currently enrolled in rally obedience class and we are progressing towards competitive obedience. When she gains more confidence and meets some basic obedience requirements I will be exposing her to agility as well. Dog training never stops with your canine. You might have graduated from puppy school, but the entire dog’s life should be committed to on going training and good canine citizenship behavior.

Last winter the Cow Palace annual dog show featured TopnOTCH training (from Happiness Country Kennels) lead by Karen TenEyck D’Augusta. I mananged to snap a few fun photos during their agility demonstration that they do every year.

Some basics that are necessary: Dog’s attention on you.  I didn’t know it then while I was snapping this photo, but I was going to see this lady every week at training.  Karma loves her and the little treats she gets from her while on healing breaks.

top dog photographer pam biasotti

Here is another fine example of dog attention.  Notice the Border Collie’s focus is completely on its master and nothing else.

bay area photography pam biasotti

Here is where the magic happens.  Working with your dog as a team.  The reward is you both have fun.

dog photography by pam biasotti

I can’t wait until Karma starts doing these things well.  For now, I will just have to settle on having my little lap puppy sleep near me while I work.

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